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Andalucian Parliament to debate Carmenes del Mar intervention on February 18th

Mon, 08/02/2016 - 18:16 -- admin

On February 18th next, a commission of the Andalucia Parliament will debate whether to declare the ongoing landslides in Carmenes del Mar a social emergency. At a press conference today Juan Ramón Ferreira of the Popular Party (PP) announced that his party has submitted a non-binding resolution asking the Junta de Andalucia to assume its responsibility to the residents of Carmenes del Mar, and to collaborate in the emergency repairs approved by the courts in 2014. In the more than 18 months that has passed since the judge ordered the emergency repairs to be carried out, nothing has been done because the defendants in the case have appealed every step of the judicial process.

Sr. Ferreira is confident that the proposition will be supported by all of the political groupings in the parliament. An estimated 4 million Euros is required to prevent further landslides on the hillside and to ensure the safety of the residents, although that sum would not cover repairs to the houses that have been declared ruins by the Almuñecar Town Hall.

This latest development has received a lot of coverage in the spanish press. Below is sample of the news articles

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