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Andalucian Parliament to debate whether to intervene in Carmenes del Mar

Mon, 21/12/2015 - 11:36 -- admin

The Popular Party (PP) has presented a Non-binding resolution to the Andalucian Parliament, asking for a state of emergency to be declared in Carmenes del Mar, and for the precautionary measures to be implemented in order to eliminate the risk of further damage to the urbanisation. If the resolution is approved, there may finally be some light at the end of the tunnel for the residents of Carmenes del Mar.

In parliamentary procedure, a Non-binding resolution (Proposición no de ley) is a formal written proposal by a member of parliament that the assembly take certain actions. The resolution (or motion) may be subject to a public debate in parliament or to a review by the appropriate committee, depending on the type of action being proposed. The Carmenes del Mar resolution will be reviewed by the Andalucian Justice & Interior Affairs committee, and will be either approved or rejected by the committe. You can read the full proposal in the attached document, extracted from the  Official Bulletin of the Parliament of Andalucia.

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