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Calling all Irish owners to petition the Embassy of Ireland in Madrid

Sun, 23/02/2014 - 10:23 -- admin

We have created an online petition at, asking the Embassy of Ireland in Madrid to intercede on behalf of the Irish owners in Carmenes de Mar. We ask all Irish owners to please sign the petition by clicking on this link: Petition in support of Carmenes del Mar


Submitted by Gabriel Gavigan (not verified) on

Please assist in sorting out this atrocious mess and provide us with a safe and secure development.

Submitted by Linda walsh (not verified) on

We would like to ask all embassies to help all their citizens (our IRISH one has been exemplary )in contacting the relevant Spanish ministers especially the one for tourism to help 416 families involved in this heinous mess. 416 families from all different countries have lost their life savings, pensions and hard earned income investing in this crooked Spanish mess. However they all love the area and their homes and are interested only in trying to retain the homes they love.

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