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Carmenes del Mar residents ask the Government for help

Sun, 03/08/2014 - 18:08 -- admin

The residents of Carmenes del Mar have asked the government delegate for Andalucia, Carmen Crespo, for help in curbing the continuing deterioration of their houses, in light of the recent court order for interim repairs to be carried out.

In their statement, the residents have asked the Andalucian delegate, Carmen Crespo, to "do something" to help carry out the interim repairs, and thereby avoid the further deterioration that will occur while the lengthy legal process winds its way through the courts. The court has ordered interim repair works to the value of 4.5 million euros, to prevent houses from falling down and to minimize damage to the roads and infrastructure.

"The Government Delegation is fully aware of the situation we are in, with various houses in ruins and others with cracks and on the verge of collapse. Even so, that same administration that makes promises is not then capable of making decisions that would prevent the damages from becoming irreversible", explained the spokesperson for the residents, Ignacio Martin.

The residents have described themselves as feeling "brushed-off and mistreated", by central Government and have complained that the Ministry of Finance has granted a loan of 4.7 million to a developer to build a seven-star hotel in Almuñécar, without showing the same urgency to help those affected in Carmenes del Mar.

The residents of Carmenes del Mar have asked that all administrations, central, regional and local, get involved to prevent further deterioration of their homes in a situation that they describe as catastrophic. 

The interim precautionary measures include the maintenance of roads and internal and external accesses, the basic supplies such as electricity, gas and water and replacement of underground networks. 

The court order also requires the maintenance of the infrastructure that contributes to the stabilization of the urbanization, such as retaining walls and anchors,continual monitoring of and, if necessary, removal of any risk to people, and the consolidation of the land that underpins the the dwellings.

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