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Talk of rain focuses attention on Carmenes del Mar

Tue, 04/10/2016 - 10:53 -- admin

As the drought on the Costa Tropical continues and the Almuñecar Town Hall looks for ways to alleviate water shortage problems, the residents of Carmenes del Mar face a different problem. The lack of significant levels of rainfall in the last few years has meant that the movement of the hillside and the consequent deterioration of the buildings and roads of the urbanisations has slowed. This is a temporary respite, however, as heavy rain will eventually fall and when it does the sudden rise in the water table will further land shifts and could lead to the main road through Carmenes del Mar to become impassable. Storms and heavy rain are common during autumn and winter, so the prospect of rain is once again shining a media spotlight on Carmenes del Mar. Television news crews have interviewed residents and broadcast live reports, and we hope to post links to the videos here in the coming days. A number of newspapers have also published up-to-date summaries of the current situation. Here are a few of those links:

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