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Trial starts on October 23rd

Mon, 21/10/2013 - 12:07 -- admin

On wednesday, the 23rd of October, the Carmenes del Mar starts. The trial will be heard over five sessions and will run until the 22rd of Novermber. 

Ideal newspager has published an article about the trial. Following is a rough translation into English of the article, and attached are more articles published over the weekend.

Nine Defendants in the dock for the Carmenes del Mar disaster

Next Wednesday, October 23 , in Granada court number 12, sees the start of the Carmenes del Mar trial, the urbanization on Cerro Gordo ( La Herradura) built on a hillside that has suffered heavy landslides.

The heavy winter rains are just around the corner, and most of the 400 residents of Cármenes del Mar are fearful, knowing that a heavy downfall could sweep their houses away. The owners are victims of a text-book real-estate scandal borne of the bad construction practices of the construction boom.

Three years after the case was presented, the trial that will determine whether they are right has finally arrived. At the trial, which will have five sessions and is set to run from next week until November 22, nine defendants are in the dock, representatives of the entire construction chain. The defendants are, specifically, the managers of the company responsible for the geotechnical studies conducted, engineers, architects and the owners of the construction company that built the urbanization, the developer Cerro Gordo S. L., which is part of the Comarex group. The residents of Cármenes del Mar are asking for a joint ruling that will cover the repair of the damages to both the urbanization and individual homes.

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