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Articles from October 2013

Cadena Cope radio interview talks about the history of the problems in Carmenes del Mar

Sat, 26/10/2013 - 16:09 -- admin

Cadena Cope radio interviewed Ignacio Martín, spokesperson for the residents of the six urbanizations of Cármenes del Mar in La Herradura. In the interview Ignacio talks about the history of the problems in Cármenes de Mar, from the first appearance of cracks and structural defects in 2005 to the present day and the opening of the trial in October of 2013.

Telecinco TV broadcast about the landslides affecting Carmenes del Mar

Sat, 26/10/2013 - 14:42 -- admin

The television channel Telecinco visited Carmenes del Mar to interview some of the owners whose houses are affected by the landslides that threaten Carmenes de Mar.

EDIT: Telecinco will not allow us to show the video that we had published here, for copyright reasons. We have removed it from the website.

Trial starts on October 23rd

Mon, 21/10/2013 - 12:07 -- admin

On wednesday, the 23rd of October, the Carmenes del Mar starts. The trial will be heard over five sessions and will run until the 22rd of Novermber. 

Ideal newspager has published an article about the trial. Following is a rough translation into English of the article, and attached are more articles published over the weekend.

Nine Defendants in the dock for the Carmenes del Mar disaster

Next Wednesday, October 23 , in Granada court number 12, sees the start of the Carmenes del Mar trial, the urbanization on Cerro Gordo ( La Herradura) built on a hillside that has suffered heavy landslides.

The heavy winter rains are just around the corner, and most of the 400 residents of Cármenes del Mar are fearful, knowing that a heavy downfall could sweep their houses away. The owners are victims of a text-book real-estate scandal borne of the


Press Conference on the 18th of October 2013

Mon, 14/10/2013 - 15:33 -- admin

The mayor of Almuñecar, Trinidad Herrera, along with the councillor for Town Planning, Public Works and Rural Affairs, José Manuel Fernández Medina, and the residents of Carmenes del Mar, will hold a press conference on Friday October 18 at 10:30 AM, in the Almuñecar Town Hall, with the aim of making an appeal to the Junta de Andalusia, and its new president, Susana Diaz, to come to their aid in finding a solution to the situation in which the more than 400 houses of the development find themselves at risk of collapse because the techniques used in the construction of the houses were not adecuate for the unstable terrain on which they were built.

Both residents and town councillors have reminded the regional government tthat the debate on who is to blame is fruitless right now, and insisted on the need to act "now", because if we continue to wait ...