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5 months on, and the residents of Carmenes del Mar are still waiting for a decision

Wed, 27/07/2016 - 15:34 -- admin

The residents of Carmenes del Mar are spending yet another summer of uncertainty and fear, more than 5 months since the Andalucian parliament approved a proposition to carry out emergency repair works to halt the deterioration of the urbanisation. The February parliamentary vote proposed the formation of a technical panel of experts comprised of representatives from the three administrations, (the Almuñecar town hall, the Junta de Andalucia and Spain's central government).  Since then the panel has met just once, in April, and both the Carmenes del Mar residents and the Almuñecar town hall have submitted their technical reports to the group. However, neither the Junta de Andulacia nor central government have responded with reports of their own.  "Until that happens, the political panel who will have to begin provide solutions to the 415 affected families, cannot meet", according to Ricardo Lopez, spokesperson for the Carmenes del Mar residents.

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