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Residents disagree with minister's statement that the Law of Emergency Management does not cover Carmenes del Mar

Tue, 18/10/2016 - 11:49 -- admin

The residents of Carmenes del Mar have expressed indignation at the position taken by the Andalucian Minister for Justice that the Law of Emergency Management does not cover the situation in Carmenes del Mar. In response to a question raised in parliament by Granada MP Juan Ramón Ferreira, the Justice Minister,  Emilio de Llera, said that Law of Emergency Management (la Ley de Gestión de Emergencia) “is not intended to cover” the type of emergency response requests made in the non-binding resolution that was approved by the Andalucia parliament in February.

Carmenes del Mar residents dispute the minister's interpretation of the facts, and make the following points:

  1. The law defines a "state of emergency" and what is happening in Carmenes del Mar falls within that definition. The current State Law of Civil Protection (Ley Estatal de Protección Civil) says that prevention of risk is fundamental. The Andalucian law referred to by Sr. de Llera does not define what constitutes a state of risk and emergency, rather it sets out how to organise the response to an emergency, and only defines one concrete type of emergency, that of fires.
  2. A reading of the prefaces of both laws clearly shows that Carmenes del Mar would be covered by the definition of an emergency.
  3. The Almuñecar Town Hall has already declared an official state of emergency, and the Parliament of Andalucia considered it as such when it approved the Non-binding Resolution.

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