Carmenes del Mar

Website of the Communities of Property Owners in La Herradura, Granada

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Submitted by mark Bradbury (not verified) on

ok so still nothing, no compensation and nobody being imprisoned for what is clearly a massive crime . I like many others bought a house here to retire to and now I have nothing but a ruin that every now and then aTV crew come and film. And yet I still have to pay local council, refuse and water taxes and a monthly community charge (that included a monthly amount towards the legal case). so in summary I have a house built illegally as it turns out, that is condemned by the local council (who gave permission for these houses to be built) and I pay taxes to the local management company y and the council .....a lose lose lose . Why doesn't the Spanish government pay us back for our houses and take those criminals from Comarex, etc to task to get the money back from them ?

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