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    ok so still nothing, no compensation and nobody being imprisoned for what is clearly a massive crime . I like many others bought a house here to retire to and now I have nothing but a ruin that every now and then aTV crew come and film. And yet I still have to pay local council, refuse and water taxes and a monthly community charge (that included a monthly amount towards the legal case). so in summary I have a house built illegally as it turns out, that is condemned by the local council (who gave permission for these houses to be built) and I pay taxes to the local management company y and the council .....a lose lose lose . Why doesn't the Spanish government pay us back for our houses and take those criminals from Comarex, etc to task to get the money back from them ?

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    Dónde está la movida en Acción de Justicia en Carmenes Del Mar. Pedimos a la nueva junta de Andalucía que haga justicia y tomen en sus manos la situación de Carmenes Del Mar que sea ejemplo para borrar las injusticias del PSOE hacia ciudadanos que han perdido sus casas porque los permisos se vendieron y se construyeron casas y las vendieron en terrenos que no debieron construir y además esas personas no fueron ajusticiados y llevados presos por sus acciones que han traído tanto dolor y incertidumbre para muchos los cuáles tienen que pagar casas qué no puedan vivir por la irresponsabilidad de unos cuántos que se cantan pelados de dinero pero son millonarios y no arreglan ni hacen caso a la decisión de un juez

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    como es possible que la junta de ANDALUCIA y el gobierno hagan oidos sordos a la situacion tan dificil que todos estos vecinos estan pasando.
    es un caso como el de Marbella pero en carmenes del mar no ha ido nadie preso. DONDE ESTA LA JUSTICIA EN ANDALUCIA Y EN ESPANA.

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    The Town Hall, Engineers, Architects and the Mayor who signed the lincences for the building of Carmenes Del Mar.why have they not been named. We appear on television but it does no good. Judges make decisions in our favour but yet still nothing is done. This is Spain, we are in the E.U. But we may as well live in Africa.
    Developers made a lot of money selling the properties, Where is the money now?? No one wants to know. Are there NO investigative journalists in this country that can get to the bottom of all this. A lot of people made a lot of money in the building of Carmenes Del Mar yet no one is being brought to account.

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    As I regular visitor to our friends who live on the higher unaffected level - but still have to use the dangerous road up, I really don't understand firstly why aren't the Spanish authorises following the strict EU health and safely laws like UK do, and why is no one approaching the court of Human Rights and making use of the privilege of having this??
    How can they get away with risking people's lives in the area and doing nothing to solve this major issues and do the decent thing legally for their citizens?